How can I apply for a job with PSC?

To view openings and apply for jobs at PSC, please visit our Careers page at

How does PSC lower my operating expenses?

• Cross-train employees to perform multiple tasks,
• Reduce headcount by matching work schedules to work flow,
• Manage different work functions under one leader,
• Optimize pay to the labor market,
• Improve safety which reduces damages and injuries.
• Often these result in savings of 30% or more to our customers.

How do I hire a PSC tankerman and how much lead time do I need?

To hire a PSC Tankerman, you can call our Dispatch Center at 1-844-441-1987. PSC generally requires a lead time of 2-hours.

Can PSC provide locomotives and track mobiles to support rail operations? What about maintenance, consumables, and fuel?

PSC can provide locomotives and track mobiles sized to the power needs and layout of your location. We provide a full maintenance and consumables program to improve reliability.

How long does it take to change over from my current contract provider to PSC for plant operations? How do I start the process?

Transition time for PSC to take over operations from a previous provider generally takes two months depending on the size and complexity of the work. We will provide you a plan that outlines the entire process. Our Managers will lead the plan and provide all communications. Just give us a call.

How much lead time is needed to bring a PSC Vacuum Truck crew to my site?

PSC can bring a PSC Vacuum Truck crew to a new site on a day’s notice or less. Some plants prefer a consistent schedule of weekly or monthly cleanings.

I have a railcar that needs repair on site before it can ship out. Can PSC help?

Yes. PSC’s railcar repair unit offers Mobile and On-Site Services for quick response for urgent repairs, scheduled maintenance, and repair and inspections at customer sites

I have wet or contaminated plastic in railcars. Can PSC upgrade my product?

PSC’s portable MPU’s dry pellets by circulating them in suspension back into the railcar. These units also upgrade quality by screening out impurities of metal, angel hair, etc. Use varies from one time applications to permanent placement at large facilities.

In what states does PSC perform work?

Currently PSC operates at sites coast to coast in 25 states. We can operate wherever our customers need us, given the necessary lead time.