As a leading scrap recycling company, PSC Group provides a wide range of industrial scrap recycling services including industrial vacuum truck services, lab analysis, washing, sorting, and plastic compounding that allow scrap resin to be utilized via recycling rather than being disposed of in a landfill where it is detrimental to the environment. The upgraded plastic is instead transformed into something useful, such as drainage piping or agricultural or construction infrastructure, generating an income stream for the customer, enhancing sustainability, and supporting the circular economy.

PSC Group uses leading recycling practices and technologies including:
  • High-dump vacuum trucks that improve efficiency and access to the work area, eliminating the need for dangerous ramps
  • Mobile Packaging Units (MPU) with unique capabilities such as product drying, angel hair and ferrous material removal, product blending, product transfer, remote packaging, and sampling
  • Custom-fitted roll-off dumpsters that can be strategically placed at collection areas throughout a site
  • Pneumatic bulk trucks, van, and grain trailers for loading and transporting reclaimed resin to processing and recycling facilities
  • Company-owned and operated roll-off trucks and truck tractors for product movement 

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Industrial plastic recycling technologies

After plastic scrap has been harvested, PSC Group sustainability teams filter, wash, sort, and dry the plastic as needed to achieve the highest level of quality. If “angel hair” has been created in the pelletizing or transfer process, the scrap can be circulated through a closed-loop filter system to remove the angel hair and restore its quality for improved use by the recycling facility.

In many plants where we work, the resin remaining in returned empty railcars is washed out into sumps during the car wash process, resulting in devaluation of the reclaimed product, lowering its value in recycling. PSC Group works with our customers to strategically position a custom-engineered railcar heel vacuum recovery system ahead of the car wash process to reclaim the resin remaining in cars, keeping it clean and dry for improved recycling potential.

Another challenge to recycling success is that resin often escapes during process containment and is scattered on the ground or in wastewater streams, resulting in contamination and devaluation of reclaimed product, and potential damage to the environment. PSC Group’s Operation Clean Sweep® “pellet patrol” keeps resin from spreading throughout the plant using a fleet of high-dump vacuum trucks featuring advanced technology and integrated grounding systems.


After the plastic scrap has been harvested and decontaminated, PSC Group teams analyze it in a lab to determine how it can be best utilized in recycling. If needed, the plastic is then melted and blended with compatible materials to achieve the desired characteristics in a process called compounding.

Plastic scrap is safely stored in PSC’s new sustainability warehouse in Baytown, Texas, which provides storage space for up to 7 million pounds of packaged product. Scrap plastic delivered to the warehouse is processed, quality-tested, and packaged into super sacks and gaylord boxes using a semi-automated conveyor and packaging line.

PSC Group runs a 24-hour dispatching center from the Baytown warehouse so that we can get personnel and equipment on the road quickly to respond to spills, plant incidents and other scrap generating events.

Industrial plastic recycling