At PSC Group, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art vacuum trucks, mobile packaging units, and Pellet Chasers that deliver exceptional efficiency and safety and align with our dedication to environmental responsibility. This specialized equipment plays a vital role in supporting Operation Clean Sweep initiatives and contributes to creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for the plastics industry.


Our "high dump" trucks offer significant environmental benefits. By dumping directly into containers at ground level, we significantly reduce the opportunity for pellets and powder to be lost to the ground. Unlike conventional methods that require dumping into pits or using hazardous ramps, our trucks minimize additional handling of pellets, aligning with Operation Clean Sweep standards.


Our Mobile Packaging Units (MPU) are equipped with diverse capabilities that cater to the specific needs of plastic resin manufacturers, railway operators, and other industries. With our MPU's advanced technology and dedication to sustainability, we continuously provide innovative solutions to the plastic industry's challenges, enabling seamless rail fleet management and enhancing overall profitability for our valued clients.


PSC’s Pellet Chaser is  the intelligent answer to plastic pellet cleanup in the water.  The Pellet Chaser navigates water surfaces by using remote control or autonomous mode, enabling safe access for hard-to-reach areas.  


We’re proud to be the safest, most efficient provider of industrial vacuum truck and scrap recycling services for the petrochemical industry in North America.


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Vacuum Trucks

Efficiency: Our vacuum trucks are engineered with cutting-edge features that maximize efficiency during plastic pellet and powder cleanup projects.

Decanting System: Unlike conventional trucks that suck up and retain water and pellets simultaneously, our trucks employ a continuous feed and discharge system. This innovative decanting system efficiently separates water from pellets, allowing our crew to work longer at the job site without frequent trips for dumping.

High Dump Capability: With our specialized "high dump" trucks, we can bring dumpsters directly to the work site for unloading. Unlike other trucks that need to leave the site to reach dumpster locations with raised platforms, our approach offers up to 50% higher efficiency, especially during large-scale projects like reactor cleanings.

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Safety: We prioritize safety in every aspect of our vacuum truck design and operation.


Custom-Tuned Blowers: Our vacuum trucks are equipped with custom-tuned blowers that offer greater flow rates for transferring solid pellets and powder products. Additionally, the trucks feature auxiliary air systems, making them highly versatile for a wide range of applications. This eliminates the need for multiple equipment setups during elevated reactor cleanouts or powder conveyance projects.

Continuity System: Our trucks are equipped with the state-of-the-art grounding system, continuously monitoring the connection between the vacuum truck and the product being suctioned

Enhanced Stability: The tank design of our trucks allows them to be built shorter than competing brands, providing superior stability during dumping and cornering. Dual hydraulic dumping rams further enhance stability, making our trucks safer to operate in various conditions.


Mobile Packaging Units

Transloading: The MPU is a versatile solution for transloading operations, enabling efficient and seamless transfers between railcars, trucks, or storage facilities. Our MPU units excel at handling overloads, facilitating smooth material handling during various stages of production or transportation.

Packaging: Our MPU technology allows for on-site packaging, reducing transportation miles and optimizing the packaging process to fit your specific requirements.

Combining Partial Railcars: Partially loaded railcars often lead to inefficiencies in fleet utilization and rail switching. PSC's MPU offers a practical solution by efficiently combining partial loads. By staging like-product railcars adjacent to each other and contacting our MPU crew, your plant can promptly ship full railcars, optimizing operations and reducing bottlenecks.

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MPU Services

Angel Hair Removal: Angel hair, a common issue during plastic pellet handling, leads to product downgrade and lost revenue for producers. Our MPU technology can efficiently remove angel hairs from PE, PP pellets. This ensures that your products remain in prime condition, allowing our customers to regain prime pricing and deliver high-quality materials to your customers.

Product Drying: Wet product in railcars can be a significant concern for producers. Moisture can lead to product degradation and contamination. Our MPU technology effectively dries the material, ensuring the preservation of product quality during transit and reducing the potential for costly damages.

Ferrous Material Removal: Our MPU units are equipped to handle ferrous material removal, ensuring that your products are free from metallic contaminants that might compromise their integrity.

Product Classifying/Screening: The MPU can efficiently classify and screen plastic pellets and powders, ensuring that your materials meet the required specifications and are ready for immediate use or shipment.


PSC Pellet Chaser

Our cutting-edge Pellet Chaser, is designed to revolutionize plastic pellet collection in challenging environments.  This state-of-the-art remote-controlled floating device offers efficiency and safety, enabling easy collection of plastic pellets from water surfaces within industrial settings. With its autonomous mode and advanced sensors, the Pellet Chaser skims the water's surface, turning as needed for optimal pellet collection.  It's your reliable partner for maintaining pristine water bodies within chemical plants, ponds, drainage ditches, and more.

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