Large, complex refineries, petrochemical plants, and marine terminals execute complex, on-site logistics every day, including rail, barge, ship, pipeline, and truck operations.


PSC Group is the safest and most experienced provider of logistics services to the industry’s most challenging facilities, offering the best rail, barge, ship, truck, and pipeline operations. By combining multiple services into a single workgroup, we maximize efficiency and lower cost.


With a Site Leader (SL) at every location, skilled teams, and sophisticated management technology, PSC Group has the capacity to ensure operational excellence and uncompromising safety in your facility logistics from the big picture down to the tiniest details, so you can focus on production.


Say goodbye to managing multiple contractors and paying for multiple leadership teams. No more communications dropped between companies. No more finger-pointing. PSC Group’s plant site logistics eliminate wasted time and get everything done, better and safer, with fewer employees.


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Material handling, on site packaging services, and equipment maintenance services


It’s not just running the operation day-to-day; PSC’s on-site logistics teams provide a full suite of logistics services to optimize your on-site supply chain. We work closely with our customers within the fence line to ensure that everything is where it needs to be when it needs to be there, from the time raw materials arrive at a facility until the products are shipped to their final destinations.

We help our customers plan and design their facility, select the optimal equipment for their needs, perform ongoing equipment maintenance, and manage their inventory efficiently. Our proven methods and experience improve efficiency, increase capacity, and ensure compliance with regulations and operating procedures.

Cutting-edge technology

PSC Group uses leading technology across our 120+ site operations. The technology applications that we utilize include:

  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Work order and dispatch management
  • Low-emissions locomotives
  • Mobile packaging and product upgrading
  • Plastics waste elimination and waste-to-energy programs
  • Body cameras and other audio and video recordings
  • Virtual training
  • Biometric fatigue monitoring
  • Overfill and load maximization technology
  • Advanced recycling
  • Auto-generated reporting
  • Barcoding and RFID capabilities
  • Real-time analytics and dashboards
  • Live machine monitoring
  • Rail yard management and inventory reporting

Logistics leadership and management

PSC Group’s Site Leaders are the beating heart of our company. Our 120 SLs worked their way up through a wide variety of on-site logistics capacities at leading facilities around the country. They are technical experts and leaders of people.

The SLs work closely with the customer’s team, including the oil movement manager, shipping department manager, and site logistics manager. They also receive extensive professional support from the PSC Group headquarters. The SLs report to PSC Group operations managers, who report to a director of operations, and VP Operations at PSC Groups headquarters to ensure consistency and excellence at every step of the process.